Adult Education

Adult learners live complicated lives. Their re-entry into the school system in many instances, requires an incredible amount of courage and self-determination. Their learning success, however, is integral to our our communities and our economy. Why? These learners are the parents of children in our public schools. They are the lifeblood of the workforce whose expertise we require. They are young adults who want to make a name for themselves in life, but need a way back into the education system before going to work. Often, they are students at risk of leaving school, or who have previously left school, who can benefit from strategies used in adult programs. And they are seniors who will stay healthy and mobile if they are able to remain active in the community.

While there are many excellent programs in communities across Nova Scotia, there has been a struggle in recent years to keep programs in place, especially by school boards. During meetings and from talking with many people, we have been told that there is a need for greater recognition and a "home" for adult education at the provincial level - not through school boards. We have been told that links between programs should be stronger so that learners can more clearly see their way into the system and the path forward towards an end goal; whether this be employment, postsecondary education or other participation in the community. We have been told that solid funding and accountability are important, and that encouragement of innovation at the local level is critical.

Community-oriented adult education should involve people at every stage of life and should act as a bridge between groups within communities. This includes seniors and inter-generational groups of learners that benefit from each other's learning.

At Lunenburg Adult High School, we believe that everyone has a right to learn, to be a valued member of society and to be able to complete their high school with dignity.  Located within the Nova Scotia Community College, we offer a program that allows students 18 and over to complete their high school diploma in three semesters.  Consisting of two dedicated teachers, LAHS offers math, science, technical courses in addition to the language arts and social sciences.  We offer a more personalized approach to learning, teaching with the class as a group - learning through helping each other as opposed to lecture style classes.  Technology plays an important role as well, and LAHS has a number of computers with high speed internet to facilitate constructive learning and individual research.