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Jeff VanderWal Researcher Blog


I work at the Lunenburg County Adult High School which serves about 45-55 students each semester.  There  are two teachers in my school, one for English and Social Studies, and I teach the Math and Sciences.  We operate through the South Shore Regional School board and have three satellite locations.  Due to the differing ages, interests and backgrounds of my adult students,  individual attention must be given to each student. The goal of my research paper will be to measure the educational value of computer software to teach students more efficiently by allowing them to work independently.  I will be using evaluation software - or testing software, so that students can work at their own pace and take unit tests to self-evaluate.  Students will be taught the material and then split into two groups.  The first group will use regular evaluation techniques (ie paper tests, assignments etc) and the second group will complete their tests on computer.  All tests/assignments are the same for both groups and everyone will have an opportunity to experience both types of evaluation.  After a sufficient amount of evaluations, results will be tallied and examined.  

One of the added benefits of completing such a project is that once completed, online resources can be used again with little or no marking.  The time saved in not having to mark can then be redirected into developing more resources and helping students one on one with their areas of difficulty.

Over the next few weeks I'll be adding useful links and comments about my progress and I'll continue to post here as this is the same location I use to update my course files from school.




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Jeff VanderWal – Researcher Blog
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