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Time is running out


This semester's schedule doesn't want to cooperate with last semester's plan to complete my research project.   This semester, I'm teaching Math 12, Chemistry 12, Biology 12 and a new grade 12 Technology course.  It leaves me with little or no time to think, let alone work on any project.  I don't think I've ever been more busy than I have this semester.  I did log in on the weekend to review some of the things that I need to do, and I intended to create a timeline/plan of when I would finish each of the sections of my research.  I had originally planned on doing most of the data gathering in January (and did quite a bit of it) and most of the research and paper writing on March break.  On the weekend, however, I discovered that March break is after the paper is due!  I have since drastically revised my timeline and will be completing my data collection within the next two weeks.  I have also booked every weekend off for the next 4 weeks to work solely on my paper, and will have it completed by the 12th of March - no matter what.  I will then use March break to take a break...just as it was intended.

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Time is running out
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, June 02 2015 @ 02:01 PM UTC
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