Bridgewater Baptist Church

Bridgewater Baptist Church is a website that was taken over voluntarily five years ago. This website initially was a place to post online our weekly bulletin, but has since evolved into much more. Churches in the 21st century are much like schools. Their parishners don't want to get preached at and new and innovative ways to present the message are being researched. Bridgewater Baptist Church started with a website, and this ministry has expanded to include online streaming videos or podcasts, prayer lines, electronic bulletins, planning calendars and a photogallery. In addition to the integration of all of those options, a video projection and movie system has been installed for the service allowing congregation members to sing without the need for hymnals or other music. BBC is planning on moving to a larger and newer facility and as this move progresses, I hope to help upgrade the video system and website once again. This site uses an open source program called WordPress for its information management. It is hosted and maintained by Bridgewater Media Services.