The European Baptist Federation

The European Baptist Federation for Youth and Children is a website that was designed to solve a number of diverse challenges. This site is intended to be a multinational repository of information for youth workers around the world, but specifically in Europe. The project started when a guest speaker at our church mentioned he was looking at teaching a course online. After inquiring about the course and how it was set up, it was discovered that administration, hosting and design elements still needed to be put into place. I was asked to fly to Prague, the Czech Republic to coordinate some of these details, in addition to providing onsite technical support for the staff. Training and continued support have resulted in an online course for youth workers in Europe that churches can use to reach out to hundreds of students. The unique feature about this site is that it is available in six distinct languages (English, French, Russian, German, Arabic and Bulgarian), and is administered remotely. Content is provided through two mediums: a WYSIWYG interface for the front end in addition to an open source distribution of Moodle on the backend.