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General NewsMath - finished two worksheets on fractions.  We should now be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions as well as convert from mixed fractions to improper fractions.
Chemistry - ions.  The difference between Na and Na+ should now be evident.  Students should have finished up to page 10 of their intro booklet.  On Monday, we will start Nomenclature.  There is also a Periodic Table quiz on Monday - the first 10 elements.
Biology - we looked at 3 different Brainpop movies (Stem Cells, Six Kingdoms and Classification).  We also completed one worksheet dealing with the classification key for whales.  Bring outside gear for Monday.
PTech - no class on Fridays.
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General NewsMath - 2 fraction worksheets were handed out and multiplying and dividing fractions was covered
Chemistry - we continued to work on our booklets - up to page 11. Tomorrow we should finish them
Biology - finished our introductory Powerpoint lesson
PTech - Chapter 10 Construction questions. There are 10 questions. Please omit question #9 and question #1 should read " What is a construction system?" rather than stating the difference between manufacturing and construction.
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General NewsToday was the first day of classes. In Math we completed a pre-assessment test. In Chemistry we started our first unit review of Gr.10 Chemistry. In Biology, we looked at what the definition of Life is through a Powerpoint presentation and in P.Tech we discussed the various projects we would like to do throughout the year.