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As part of my work at UCCB, I have developed an eportfolio that attempts to demonstrate various uses of technology within my classroom.  This eportfolio is a work in progress and will be updated as new technology, and new resources are developed.  Some of the links below are more personal in nature, some are student submissions (used with permission) and some are related technology demonstrations that I have been fortunate enough to have worked on.  I have also included a portion of the work that I have done as part of my requirement for the UCCB Education Technology Diploma Program. If you have any questions, please use the links above to contact me.

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Resume Bio Adult Education  

Exemplar Course Work

EDUC 531 EDUC 535 EDUC 539 EDUC 541

Other Professional Work

European Baptist Federation for Youth and Children
(Online course)
Liverpool International Theatre Festival
Bridgewater Baptist Church
Julian Austin

Exemplar Student Activities

Chemistry: Interactive Electrochemistry Unit Oceans: Interactive lessons (Moodle) Biology: Evolution (Independent Study Unit) Keyboarding: Typing test

Math: Latitude, Longitude and how to use a GPS (outside nav activity) Math: Trip to New York
(Independent Study Unit)
Production Tech:
Bottle Rockets
Video Production:
Movie creation