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Green Screen Techniques

Video ProductionOur last topic before making our final commercial/mini-movie is green screen techniques. I've compiled a short list of really neat green screen movies made by other students.

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Video ProductionDo you realize how influential advertising really is? According to David Shenk, author of Data Smog, you'll watch an average of 22,000 hours of television before graduating from high school. These hours contain over a quarter of a million commercials, and it is these commercials that dictate what you should wear, how you should look, how you should act, and what you should have. Persuasive advertising tactics go so far as making some people feel inadequate or bad about themselves.

Complete this webquest to evaluate what you know about how media influences our lives.
Follow the menu laid out on the left hand side, starting with Introduction.

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Advertising - the effects of the media

Video ProductionWatch this 53 minute video. It has been broken down into smaller segments for easier downloads.

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The Magic Extractor

Video ProductionHere is a link to the Magic Extractor Tool found within Photoshop Elements.

Another neat effect that we will be doing in class is creating a poster effect. There are a number to choose from, but the picture to the left is an example of a romantic poster. Check out the tutorial located at

Another nice link on how to photoshop a car into the movie version of Cars can be found
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Video Production - Links for Vocab Notes

Video ProductionHere are the links to follow for your crossword and match-up exercise.

Quick Quiz
After the quick quiz, click on the "next" button to go to more notes. (or you can click here. There will be a second quick quiz, an interactive test and a crossword to complete.

Quick Quiz #2