The Liverpool International Theatre Festival

Started in 1994, the Liverpool International Theatre Festival (LITF) is an amateur theatre competition hosted every two years in the town of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, at the historic Astor Theatre. The event is organized by a dedicated group of volunteers who, with the aid of community and government sponsors, brings the world to our small-town stage for a diverse and appreciative audience. The website is the result of consultation with the board of management of the organization and Greg Tutty, a local graphic designer. This site is hosted and maintained by Bridgewater Media Services. One of the interesting aspects to this site, was the creation of a flash intro page. Although well versed in HTML, CSS, PHP and javascript, Adobe Flash is not really one of my strengths. Building the flash page has enabled me to expand my knowledge of this interesting medium and I've since used it with other projects such as my Electrochemistry unit.