Math 11 Foundation Unit

I've found that one of the biggest complaints students give me is "when are we ever going to use this?"  This unit answers that question nicely and allows students to integrate their math skills when converting currency, distance, time and budget money.  Students must use technology to research and calculate distances and convert them into metric.  They must also calculate how long to drive (safely), where to stop for lunches and rest breaks - something practical that they will someday need to do.  This unit was inspired by a recent trip of my own where I used the same tools to budget and expense my journey.  The unit is particularly relevant because in addition to the above, all information is entered in a spreadsheet and formulae and calculations are made so that students can instantly see the difference one or two cents per litre of fuel can make on their trip.  Developed in part by a co-teacher Karen Wentzell, it is used as a summary unit. 

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